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There is No Formula


“It’s probably a question you’ve gotten a 1000 times…”

And what is that question?  Usually it’s something along the lines of:

  • What career can I pursue to become location independent?
  • What classes should I take to get skills to become a nomad?
  • Should I sell my house at a loss, or rent it out?
  • What style of travel should I do?
  • What budget should I set up?

And our answer is usually the same:

Follow your heart, follow your passions.

While we can rattle off a list of careers we know people are doing while traveling, that doesn’t mean you’ll enjoy any of them. And just because we haven’t heard of anyone successfully exploring a certain career – doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

And besides, we’re not career counselors or experts at this stuff.  We’re just two folks who took our existing tech careers on the road.

And of course we can recount our experiences and stories of how we got on the road, full of our own trials and tribulations, but our path is certainly not the only one.  Heck, what worked for us is unlikely to work for anyone else.

  • Just because I was willing to take a huge cash loss to sell my house and get on the road, does not mean that anyone else should consider that path unless it’s right for them.
  • Just because RVing around America with occasional pauses for international exploration works for us, does not in any way mean it’ll scratch your adventure itch.
  • And just because we spend a certain amount a month, does not in any way imply that’s what it costs any nomad to travel in their preferred style.

Basically, there’s no curriculum for becoming a nomad. It’s not like deciding you want to be a lawyer, and then having a clearly defined set of courses, certifications, expected student debts and internships you take to get there.  You find your own way – pulling from your own skillsets, resources and desires. And  you make it happen.

This all comes down to something deeper

Every successful location independent person I’ve had the pleasure of knowing, is doing something so uniquely them.

And that’s the key to this stuff.

Your success wont be based only on a set of specific skills you can acquire – but rather some more fundamental attitudes.

Here some of the traits that we’ve found common amongst our fellow rockstar nomads:

  • They live outside of boxes. They think differently about their approach to the world, and aren’t afraid to look beyond the defaults. Usually, being a nomad isn’t the only alternate lifestyle they’ve explored.
  • They are resourceful. This doesn’t mean they have lots of stuff, skills or money. But rather they know how to seek out what they need when they need it. They trust in this.
  • They are adaptable and agile. They know and anticipate that the future is not known, and go with the flow as life throws them twists and turns. Plans are just guidelines, and can .. and will, change.
  • They are persistent. They know what their priorities are for the life they want to live, and do not make compromises. They do not take no for an answer.
  • They are passionate. At every turn they follow their heart and desires to explore the world they move through.
  • They are pioneers. Each is following their own path and journey, not following anything resembling a formula. They are inventing and molding their own careers, modalities and adventures.

Sure, there are logistical tips us veteran nomads can share – such as how to stay online, how to find campgrounds, how to receive payments from clients, how to get your mail and vote, how to navigate visa requirements, how to convert a generator to run off propane, approaches to healthcare, etc.

But the path itself – that has to come from your heart.

You’ll just have to do it like the rest of us and figure out what works for you.

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Cherie has been a full time technomad since 2007, after joining her partner Chris on the road. She's been self employed most of her adult life working in technology - and is passionate about conscious choice, community and living life to the fullest.

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  1. I used to ask some of the questions you have mentioned. At the beginning this inquiries gave me fulfilment, but after a while nothing gave me fulfilment. Do you have this feeling you dont get any fulfilment, no metter what you do. Then i asked myself whats the point to be alive? why are we here? is it to follow our dreams? and after i make it a reality whats next? another dream and another one? is that the point? i think there is something else, that can give a person fulfilment, without making him chasing his tail :)

  2. I love this! About 8 months ago I sat up in bed at 10:30pm on a work night and went: “I want to go RVing.” At first I spent oodles of time reading blogs and forums trying to glean ‘the secret’ to full time RVing and getting frustrated that everyone was withholding the magic formula because while oftentimes useful, none of it quite clicked. But then at some point I just started creating my own formula and it’s coming together much better since then. :) I wish someone would have offered me this advice at the beginning, lol.

  3. My teacher once said, success is one step away from your attitude. That’s it. There is really no formula on it, since it will always depend on your outlook and attitude about life.

  4. Great post and so totally agree. I’ve happily followed my own path most of my life and have become more confident doing so as I get older. Each life and each person is unique and that’s definitely what makes life so interesting! Love the quote too!

  5. I have met a lot of traveling people over the years and no two have ever been following the same path. Even those of us who’ve been coupled for years do things differently from one another. That doesn’t mean we can’t travel along side one another and share the joys of the journey, it just means we will see things differently along the way. And sharing those visions is part of the fun.

  6. Just like everything in life – there is no secret, there is no formula, there is no “one size fits all”. And figuring out how it all works is part of the fun challenge anyways! Wonderful post.

  7. Nicely written. I started on the road in June this year, and I am winging it, learning as I go. I don’t know how I could have ever planned this. Instead, I crafted it. . . and still am. Thanks for another wonderful article. –Nan @ GotShastaWillTravel (on Facebook)

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