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Our 2010 Travel Route

It’s always so much fun to compile this map every year (click for 2007, 2008 and 2009).

In 2010, we traversed roughly 13,633 miles and 25 states via RV across the good ole’ US of A.  We had every intention of traveling into Canada for the summer, and into Mexico in the fall/winter to finally break our international RVing cherry.

However, serendipity had other plans for us, and we ended up back tracking to Florida twice instead.   Once to be with Cherie’s family during her father’s surgery, and second to prepare to depart the continental US (and the RV) for a different modality of nomadism on the Virgin Islands.   We don’t regret these decisions one bit, and suspect Canada and Mexico will still be there when we get to them.

Technomadia’s 2010 Travel Route

For details, stories and photos from each segment, here are links to our individual travelogues from the year:

In general, 2010 had far too much motion, far too many long repositioning segments, too many routes that we’ve done before and not enough still and focused time in a single location. However, despite that – it was full of awesome.

Currently we’re on month 2 of our 5 month adventure in St. John, and we’re totally digging being still for a bit.  While we have some options formulating as to what might be next for us this spring – we have no idea what life looks like come April.

We look forward to continuing to share our journey with you in 2011. Thank you for being part of our amazing 4th year on the road!

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  1. Thanks for this wonderfully written recap of 2010! We really enjoy checking in on you from time to time. We love your new iPhone app “Coverage?”, works great for us. We hope to hit the road in March 2011. We are both 40ish and below. We are trying to come up with a great app to create, we hope your hourly rate isn’t to high! Or we are quick learners! :)

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