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Video Edition: Petrified Forest National Park


Continuing eastward following Route 66 through Arizona, we arrived at the Petrified Forest National Park (it’s difficult to not type that as Petrified National Forest!) just before closing at sunset. We were able to take a drive through the park, but not too much stopping. It’s an amazing display of nature’s beauty and the chemical process that caused these trees to turn to stone.

Here’s our video of our drive through – we’re also experimenting with hosting this video on TripFilms, to see if we might want to switch to them instead of YouTube. So please comment if you have any thing to say about the quality of this video as compared to others we’ve posted. I’m not convinced yet its the right tool for us.

If you’d prefer to see the YouTube version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCENZKXLv6k


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