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Our 2007 Travel Route

Our routing for our 208 day technomadic adventure from May 10 – Dec 4, 2007.

Technomadia 2007

12,901.4 miles total driven in 2007.

We started and ended the 2007 adventure in Melbourne, FL. We returned to Florida after our 7 month trail on the road together in Chris’ little 16′ T@b clamshell so that Cherie could wrap up her life in Florida (including selling her house) and have our technomadic home for two constructed.

Cherie has been been a location independent entrepreneur since 1994, working in full scale software development. When she met Chris in 2006, she was at the exact right time in her life to hit the road and combine wanderlust with career. She strives to live a life of conscious intent while embracing serendipity.





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