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Full Time RVing Workspaces: Bob Milstead

Name: Bob Milstead
Occupation: Virtual Sofware Developer (Java)
RV: 2001 Monaco Executive – 40’
On the road since: 2012

This may be the least expensive workstation setup on the list.  Total cost was less than $60 (not counting the computer equipment). I used the existing Monaco table, chair, and ottoman. I use the logitech unifying (wifi) keyboard and mouse.  The keyboard sits in my lap and the mouse is on the arm of the chair, which is flat.

The monitor is secured to the desk with the SIIG tilt/swivel desk mount.

The bungie cords hanging from the back of the monitor are used to secure the monitor to the desk when in motion.  I swivel the monitor into the fore and aft position and the bungies hook under the edge of the desk. Note the rubber hanger that my bose headset hangs in on the back of the monitor (to the left in the picture below)to keep them handy but out of the way when not in use.

The laptop itself sits in two pieces of walnut that are attached to the desk using clear silicone.  Below the desk (just visible as lighter colored wood) is another little walnut pocket into which the keyboard slides from the left to get it out of the way when not in use.  It is also secured to the underside using silicone.  In the near future I will add another similar wooden structure below that to hold remotes for TV, Stereo, awning, etc., my cell phone, and a paper notepad. (the stuff you see on the window ledge in the top picture)

Here you can see the groves routed into the top of the walnut into which the laptop sits.  The laptop is shifted out of position in this photo so you can see the grooves.

This setup is really comfortable because my feet are up off the floor and the height of the monitor is direct at eye level, which works great for my progressive lens eyeglasses.



This profile is part of the Change Your Office View: Full Time RVing Workstations series – we hope that by sharing what others have been able to create in their RVs will help inspire you as to what is possible to work on the road.