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Technomadia’s Resources – Books, Apps and Stuff

Hey guys…  Technomadia.com is primarily our personal blog – our virtual living room. We accept no advertising, major sponsorships, guest posts or such. It’s just not our style to clutter up sharing our life on the road with that sort of stuff.

The career that funds our lifestyle is app development, strategy advising and technical consulting via our company  Two Steps Beyond LLC.

Creating content for this site however does take a lot of our time and we love sharing what we’ve learned to hopefully help others.  Over the years, we have created some resources that might be helpful to readers of this blog.

While these are far from major income generators for us – the extra money we earn from your purchase of these resources helps cover the costs of providing this site, keeps us motivated and keeps Kiki fed and exploring the country. She appreciates that.


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The Mobile Internet Handbook

Overwhelmed with all of the options to keep online while RVing the USA? This started as a blog post, but grew way too long – it’s our guide to understanding the options and deciding what you really need. We cover cellular, WiFi, satellite, boosting, hints/tricks and setting your expectations.

Everything we’ve learned about staying connected while traveling full time in a RV since 2006.

Available in PDF, ePub, Kindle, iBooks and print!

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List price – eBook $5.99 / Paperback – $9.99

No Excuses: Go Nomadic eBook.

Our popular blog series that covers many of the logistics of living a life on the road in one convenient eBook for those who wish to make a contribution towards our efforts.

Price: Pay as you wish

Adjust the price in the shopping cart for what it’s worth to you (or if you prefer, read it online FOR FREE .). We have no aim to make a living off of selling eBooks and stuff, but we sure will appreciate that glass of wine your contribution will treat us to.  Thank you.

(Already own the book and want an update? Just add it to your cart again, use the discount code ‘IBoughtBefore’ with our compliments!)

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‘Pick Our Brains’ Sessions

We love helping people realize their dreams, and it’s always our pleasure to gift our time in creating content here.

If you have just a quick question, you are always welcome to contact us!

We’ve had many ask if they can ‘pick our brains’  in a more in-depth personalized way. Offering this sort of guidance does take a lot focused time and energy to do right – so we’re experimenting if this is something we can offer.

We now offer individual guidance via phone, video, e-mail, chat or in person for a variety of topics:

  • Mobile internet setups
  • Preparing to the hit the road
  • Finding your ideal RV
  • Running a business remotely
  • Brainstorming income ideas
  • Anything else you think we might be able to help with.

This isn’t something we want to build our business around, but we also know how much of our time & attention truly giving individualized guidance takes. If this is something you’re interested in, be in touch and let us know what’s on your mind and mention you’re inquiring about a possible session. If we think we can help, initiate a session via our Two Steps Beyond Personal Services page.

Mobile Apps


Coverage? for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

Coverage? is the app digital nomads, bandwidth junkies and travelers crave – knowing where they can expect to be connected next! Overlaying all of the major cellular carrier’s coverage maps in a standardized layout, allows end users to see where they will can most likely get LTE, 4G, Edge or be off network.



State Lines for iPhone & Android™

Compiled after over 7 years of full time RV road-tripping across the USA, and after many hours of research on state specific information, State Lines is an indispensable traveler’s guidebook to highly variable state regulations.

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Other ways we love to hear your thanks:  

  • Contact us!  Seriously – we’d love to hear from you, it’s the primary reason we blog and share! Whether it be a thank you, sharing a bit of your story, comments on our posts, a suggestion or an invitation for something cool as we pass through (got bus parking??).
  • Buy us a virtual thank-you drink or dinner by making a monetary contribution via PayPal.

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