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The RV Entrepreneur Summit 2018 – Recap (#RVESummit)

We just wrapped up an amazing time at The RV Entrepreneur Summit in Fredericksburg, TX – held at Jellystone RV Park (awesome park!).

This conference is founded and hosted by Heath & Alyssa Padgett, who also produce an awesome podcast interviewing working on the road RVers. This is the second year for the summit with over 250 in attendance and we were honored to be invited as speakers.

Here’s a quick video we took right after the summit with our thoughts and take-aways:

It’s been interesting over the past nearly 12 years as working on the road RVers. Our first few years were pretty lonely, we could count our fellow peers on one hand that we encountered.

And now, we can hardly keep up with the communities that keep growing and growing.

Aside from the RV Entrepreneur community, the Xscapers organization is also expanding like crazy since we helped launch it 3 years ago.

At this winter’s 3-part convergence in Arizona & Mexico, over 600 folks were in attendance! CRAZY!  For comparison, at our first Xscapers’ convergence back in 2015, we had .. I think… 30? Maybe 40.

It definitely warms our hearts – not only to have played a small role, but knowing that those just hitting the road these days have so many resources at their disposal. And no one has to be lonely out here on the road if they don’t want to be.

If you’re considering going to an event like this – DO IT!

The RV Entrepreneur Summit is on track to expand for 2019, and the Xscaper’s have convergences all over the country throughout the year. Such an awesome opportunity to connect with like minded folks.

Thank you Health & Alyssa for making this event happen. Thank you Travis & Mel and Shawn of the Xscaper’s for hosting the pre-events! And thank you to each and every fellow participant for sharing you own unique awesome!

The Summit: http://www.therventrepreneur.com 
RVE FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/makemoneyrving/
Get archives of RVE sessions: http://www.healthandalyssa.com/summit2018
The podcast: http://www.heathandalyssa.com
Xscapers: http://www.xscapers.com

What’s Up Next?

We’re taking some time to recoup and recharge this week, and then will head into Austin next week to perhaps ‘unattend’ some of SXSW. And then, the time has come to put the bus in storage in the area and make our way back to the boat.

We’ll be driving back in the Mini Cooper and attempting to ‘marina hop’ and/or store the car on our way up the coast. It seems to make the most sense for now.

We aim to be back in Miami by mid month to resume our Great Loop Adventure with a goal to get out of the hurricane zone by summer.

We have plans to attend the MTOA Rendezvous in Ft. Pierce in mid-April on our way north – which we’re looking forward to!

Crazy how fast the time flies. Happy March!

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  1. Been watching a few Youtube videos and web sites of yours and other folks re making money on the road. One issue that nobody seems to cover is accounting for and filing state income taxes. Seems states are getting more greedy and more states are wanting a piece of your income for what you earn in the state. I’ve even heard of some of the northeastern states watching when RVers enter and leave the state and trying to tax retirees pension income if travelers stay in the state for more than a week or two.

    In my case, I’m looking at income for IT contract development, primarily web sites. I can/will work out of my trailer as I travel. Depending on travel plans, I might do work in a dozen states in a year. Even with a single biz address (say in SD), states may want a piece of my income because my butt was parked in another state while I did some work.

    How do you and others deal with this issue? This would make a good video topic.

  2. Dont forget… it’s still winter up north. And cold! All those flowers and blooming dogwood trees up there are still hibernating until May or June…. unlike their Florida cousins!
    Stay safe… and warm!

  3. It was so good to see you again! Love that we share such a phenomenal community–both young and old-er (grin). You’re so right when you said, “everyone has a story” we just have to make sure we’re living what we love. Hope to see you on the horizon.

  4. Great to hear your recap & perspective on the RVE Summit! Thanks for putting this together and sharing it with those of us who couldn’t attend. Glad you had a good time and loved your presentation (the one we could see)! You both rock!

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