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Announcements: Handbook, Video Chat & Android?!?

Ok.. enough bus mechanical stuff for a couple days, eh?

How about some other exciting stuff up …

The Mobile Internet Handbook

The launch of the our new book earlier this month, The Mobile Internet Handbook, was amazing! Thank you guys so much for supporting us, and helping spread the word!

We’re excited that we’ve now gotten the book into a format that just about everyone who desires the information should be able to access… PDF, ePub, Kindle, iBooks and even paperback!*

Buy Direct from Technomadia Kindle & iBooks Paperback
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PDF Version:
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Or if you need it for your eReader…
we have an ePub Version

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$13.99 (6″ x 7.5″ book)

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It’s amazing how much effort it is to get one set of words into so many different formats..  but, here it is! We did it!

And there’s just something much more ‘real’ about holding a physical copy of the book!

* We’ve gotten a couple requests for publishing in the Barnes & Noble store too… we’re holding off on deciding if there’s enough market to merit the efforts. But for now, Nook readers should be able to use the ePub version to load it directly.

Live Video Chat – TONIGHT!

Join us this evening for a live video chat on UStream, where we’ll talk about ‘Handling a Crisis on the Road’.  Or, as it’s been suggested – ‘How to turn crisis into adventure!’ (Thanks, Erick!)


Topic: Handling a Crisis on the Road

When: TONIGHT! (Wed, June 26)
Time: 7pm MDT(6PM PST / 9PM EST)

Where: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/technomadia

It’s every RVer’s fear – a major breakdown that stops you in your tracks. We just had such an event, and are now ‘stuck’ in Billings, MT as our engine gets rebuilt. We’ll talk about our tips and tricks for keeping calm under pressure, and how we navigated the crisis of breaking down in the middle of nowhere and quickly sourcing help. How can you best plan for such an event? Q&A session to follow.

State Lines for Android?!?

State Lines - for Android!! Coming soon...

State Lines – for Android!! Coming soon…

We’re are super excited to announce that our State Lines app is nearing completion for Android!  We had a Technomadia follower who was wanting to get into development contact us back in May, and has been working on a port for the past few weeks.  And he’s nearly done!

State Lines is our app that tracks over 50 state laws and regulations that affect us travelers – such as seat belts, child restraints, cell phone & txting bans, overnight in rest areas, buying beer in the grocery store and much more.  It’s been available on iOS for three years now and been quite popular amongst the RVing crowd. And there are older versions that were ported to WebOS and Windows Mobile (yeah, not big markets).

Over the years, we’ve tried working with a couple other Android developers .. always with the same results. Halted progress mid project.  So we’re thrilled that a third time is a charm and we’re finally able to offer a port of the app on an actual dominant mobile platform!

We’ll let you know as soon as it’s ready for purchase.

Bus Update

Unfortunately, nothing new to announce on the bus – the shop has had a staffing shortage this week due to some unscheduled time off from their employees. While it’s frustrating to have made no progress since, we’re glad they’re waiting until the *right* tech can do the work – instead of rushing the job. We’re hopefully slated to actually get to the next step of dissecting the engine starting today.  Cross your fingers!


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  1. Looking forward to the Android version. Nice job on the Mobile book too. Bought it two weeks ago and read it in prep for my first extended outing with the Airstream…

  2. Wish I could participate in your chat this evening, 10 minutes from now here in Ilwaco, WA. But we are conserving our precious 5GB of AT&T LTE here since Verizon is 1X. Too bad, since we have had some crisis while on the road the last 10 years. I know you don’t need us, but it would have still been fun.

  3. It kinda sucks that nothing has transpired regarding the bus situation, but like one of my older brothers used to say, “There’s always an ‘at least’…”
    At least you’re in your own home, and not in some stanky hotel.
    At least you have access to the internet. There are no doubt many more “at leasts”.

  4. Being a big windows/android fan I can’t wait. Nothing against you Apple people :-) I look forward to hearing from you two tonight. I’m in the process of tracking down a Caterpiller Diesel Mech and getting quotes for reman engines and transmissions, so I can save ahead for emergencies like this.

    Looks like my new to me school bus will only have 145,000 miles. Which gives me until 250,000 to do the rebuild. The school maintence manager said this bus has a very good record.

    I will be keeping my fingers crossed and planning ahead, thanks to you all.

  5. I am very excited about your app coming out for Andriod! I cannot wait to use it!
    On a side note, during our first cross country RV trip, we had to replace all our tires on our trailer. There were some very scary moments!

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