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This is why we RV…

For anyone who wonders why we RV… here is our answer.

This was our view last night ..


.. from the dock…


at our site…

cedar_key_kayak_sunset…with a kayak launch.


Not to brag or anything…

… but this million dollar view, with pretty reasonable WiFi and a quirky little town, is only costing us..



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  1. Cherie,

    Find a good print shop to print those up and frame them and ship them and you might have another source of income. Pics are gorgeous. How I miss the Florida Sunsets!

    -The Turtles
    (A balmy 41 degrees here today)

  2. Where’s the snow. When I look out my window, everything is white and the thermometer has fallen out of view (below 0).

    Lucky guys!

    • No snow here :) But we have been dipping down into the lower 40s at night lately.. brrrr. When your house has wheels, you can easily avoid that snow stuff… just keep driving south.

  3. The sky’s on fire! Run away! Run away!

    OK, maybe it’s not, but otherwise I’d have nothing but “oooh” and “aaaah” and such.

    Nice back yard. You’re livin’ it.

  4. I get it !!! When I lived in RV I used to sit outside all the time and just say to myself. What a beautiful yard I have !!
    Looks like you guys got yourself a mighty nice yard too !!!

      • Aint that the truth. Maybe I will make it down there next winter. I am hoping to get an rv this coming summer. I went all down thru the panhandle and loved that area, then spent 5 months in the keys boondocking (yes, it can be done in the keys ,alltho dificult). Course that was mid 90’s. Wanted to ask you , is that a small park you guys are at? and is it hard to get a spot there? as in do people reserve ahead of time??

      • There’s only about 70 sites here, and if your rig isn’t huge – you can usually snag a site for a couple days last minute. But if you want to be here for longer and during peak season, definitely reserve in advance. We actually booked our waterfront spot back in August. Very rare for us, but we knew we wanted to be here for this convergence of friends.

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