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More Amazing Cedar Key

It’s hard to separate how much of our love of Cedar Key is for the location versus how much is for the convergence of nomadic peers. It’s really quite an amazing meshing.

Downtown Cedar Key

Downtown Cedar Key

Cedar Key is this amazing laid back old Florida community, that is just off the beat path enough. It reminds us so much of our time living on St. John in the Virgin Islands. Combine that with being parked in a neighborhood of an amazing community – and we are deep in bliss.

And it’s interesting to note, that we’re also deep in the midst of some major professional stuff that is taking a huge amount of our bandwidth right now. We’re still trudging through the paperwork and frustration of that, which would normally be a sour note of its own. But we couldn’t imagine a better place to be dealing with this, because the net effect is still awesome. (Oh wait, I shouldn’t be saying that, because if we praise Cedar Key too much, then we don’t be able to get a spot next time!).

It’s not a hidden fact that we’re community oriented. And one of the major frustrations of a nomadic lifestyle is finding our groove with feeling part of community. Frequently changing our location and still feeling connected to community is our holy grail. And this past week has been an excellent example of the lifestyle I would love to have more of in my life – frequent meetups with nomadic community around the land. The NuRVers group that we joined many years ago has become a great connecting point for enabling these sorts of rendezvouses.

Since our last update, it’s been an extraordinarily busy week…  just a quick snapshot of the highlights to share:

LED Light Project Progress


We rushed to complete our LED light strip installation.

We completed installing the undercabinet and indirect valence LED lighting project – to frustrating results.

Lights fall down :(

Lights fall down :(

The undercabinet lighting adhesive didn’t hold well at all, as the lights are wrapped in silicon. Within 12 hours the adhesive that came with the lights had come undone from the lights themselves.



We were able to fix this with some silicon marine sealant to re-attach them. And now we are enjoying finally having lighting in the kitchen. The cool white strips we went with, combined with a dimmer control, are really quite perfect for the space.

Too 'warm' for us.

Too ‘warm’ for us.

The ‘warm white’ valence lighting however turned out to be a touch too yellow/brown for our tastes. But at least the wiring is done, and we are having new strips shipped in to try out in different temperatures.

Social Time

We continue to enjoy impromptu nomadic gatherings with our friends here – from campfires, dinners out, potlucks, sunset gatherings, time at the Hideaway Tiki Bar and walks into town together.

Even a cold windy evening doesn't keep us away from watching the sunsets. (With Sam & Tracy of ZenNomads.com).

Even a cold windy evening doesn’t keep us away from watching the sunsets. (With Sam & Tracy of ZenNomads.com).

The family MaliMish.com dropped in for a couple days to join the convergence. Awesome meeting them!

The family MaliMish.com dropped in for a couple days to join the convergence. Awesome meeting them!

A typical sunset gathering on our dock.

A typical sunset gathering on our dock. (With Pace & Kyeli and Clark & Elaine)


Parent Time

This week was also extra special, as our parents redeemed their holiday presents from us – 2-nights at the Low Key Hideaway to join us here in Cedar Key. Low Key is right next door to our RV Park (Sunset Isle), and run by the fabulous nomads Pat & Cindy of EveryMilesAMemory.com.

Hanging out with our parents in Cedar Key!

Hanging out with our parents in Cedar Key!

We had a wonderful time spending a couple days with both our parents at once – who get along fabulously together. And it was great to get to show them around Cedar Key and give them an up close and personal peak into our nomadic lifestyle and community.

Personal Projects

Aside from lots of work stuff, lots of social time, time with our parents and bus projects – we also had time to squeeze in a couple of personal projects.

Paperwork for completing our Florida residency.

Paperwork for completing our Florida residency.

We’re in the process of legally ‘moving’ our domicile to Florida, so much of our week was spent working on the paperwork for that. We set up our new mailing address to be with St. Brendan’s Isle last month, and have started switching all our billing addresses over for credit cards, banks, insurance, etc.

All that’s left is for us to get our driver’s licenses and tags for the vehicles. Which we’ll handle just as soon as we have some mail incoming showing the new address to claim our new domicile.  We’ll follow-up with a full post about the process of moving to Florida, the costs and the reasons why it made sense for us.

Kayaking by Sunset

Kayaking by Sunset  (Thank you Kyeli, for capturing this awesome pic!)

We’ve also been enjoying having a kayak launch right at our site, and taking advantage of having our Sea Eagle 370 inflatable kayak to hit the water whenever the tides and our schedules align.  So far, we’re really impressed with it.


And what would a post about Cedar Key be without more sunset photos?  We’ll wrap this up with a few from the past week …







And last, but not least…

Cheers from Cedar Key!


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  1. Quit this! You are making me want to come back and I’ve only been gone a week.

    We loved being there and you two made us feel part of the community. Hope to see you again, as they say ‘down the road’.

  2. Awesome, justt awesome. All of it. Though we are curious why you chose Florida as your domicile state.

  3. I was reading ‘lies across America’ and it had a story about Rosewood, fl. It’s on hi way 24 just outside of Cedar Key. There was a race riot/ massacre there back in the 20’s. a sad but interesting bit of history. I believe there’s a town sign and one building left. If you are into hidden history, you might want to google rosewood massacre.

  4. I have decided I follow way too many blogs currently snapping all of these sunset shots in Cedar Key. Every day I am bombarded with the beauty and it’s cold here in Oregon. Not fair!! In all seriousness, due your posts & the posts of others, Cedar Key is so on our must visit list. We hit the road again in April & can’t wait!

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