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Ramblings: Tales from Nomads – Zen Nomads

Meet Sam & Tracy

When we first met Sam & Tracy at the NuRVers Gathering in 2010, they had just hit the road 6 months prior. We instantly clicked with these two, and have since rendezvoused with them several times over the years.

It’s been fun to watch them come out of their shells since we first met them, and really come into their own. And we wanted to share their inspiring story with you – these guys have gotten younger and more playful since we met them!

In their mid-40s, they are grandparents. Grandparents with rainbow colored hair.

The video below starts with the interview we did with them back in 2010 and then a follow-up from over this past summer. They talk about a lot of stuff they’ve learned after now being on the road 3 years – from boondocking tips, traveling with an aquatic turtle and running a mobile software business.

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(not that they’ve blogged in 3 years.. you’ll just have to meet them in person to catch up with these guys)

Meet more Ramblings

Meet some of the other nomads we’ve interviewed in this series:

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  • Ramblings: Tales from Nomads – Interstellar Orchard interstellarorchardMeet Becky After extensive planning and saving to afford her dream of full time RVing debt free, Becky hit the road as a solo female RVer at the age of 28. Her career as a laboratory vet technician was missing something, and she wanted more adventure and to see the country. To afford her lifestyle, she seeks out interesting and unique seasonal jobs. She’s worked two seasons at Amazon.com, as a gift store clerk in the Badlands National Park and other temporary jobs she can find. In this interview, she shares about her planning, selecting of a 17′ Casita travel trailer, finding work gigs and traveling as a solo female. I don’t know about you, but I can’t help but fall in love with this charming and inspiring young lady. Direct Video Link Update to this story Six months after we filmed this episode, Becky is still at it. She completed her assignment in South Dakota and is currently ...
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Stay tuned.. more nomads coming soon!

Ramblings: Tales from Nomads is intended to introduce you to some amazing people who are living life on their terms by traveling full time.

In this video series, you’ll be meeting and hearing the stories from a wide range of nomads we’ve met, with one thing in common – they’re not waiting for a traditional retirement to pursue their dreams of perpetual travel.

The entire video series will continue to grow at:  http://www.technomadia.com/ramblings

We’ll continue introducing you to more nomads. Make sure you’re subscribed to our RSS feed to be automatically notified when we post.

Would you like to be featured in this series? Let us know when our paths might be converging and let’s hang out – and we’ll be happy to film you in person too.

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Cherie has been been a location independent software developer since 1994. When she met Chris in 2006, she was at the exact right time in her life to hit the road and combine wanderlust with career. She strives to live a life of conscious intent while embracing serendipity.


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