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Planting Seeds Every Day

When your legal billing address is far away from where you’re doing your shopping and errands, checking out at the register is rarely a quick transaction. It seems quite common for a lot of registers to ask for your zip code. Which for us, invites a great opportunity to open someone’s eyes to the possibilities.

Here’s an example of a recent, and very common, conversation we just had checking out at clothing store in Florida where the local zip code is 32901:

Cashier: What’s your zip code?

Us: 57042

Cashier: 57042 .. where are you from?

Us: Wherever we’re parked… right now, just around the corner.

Cashier: Huh?

Us: We’re full time RVers, that’s our mail forwarding service in South Dakota.

Cashier: You just travel around wherever you want? How many states do you visit a month?

Us: It varies, sometimes several .. sometimes we’re still for a while.

Cashier: That’s so cool!

Us: Yup, it’s great. And we work online running our software development business, so our office view changes regularly.

Cashier: You have JOBS and you get to TRAVEL?!?!

We sometimes get tired of answering the same basic questions all the time. But seeing someone having their world expanded a little bit is always worth it. Who knows how a little conversation will impact someone’s life.

You just never when you’re planting seeds by simply being you.

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  1. So very true! When I decided to write my book, the aim was specifically to inspire people to travel – and hopefully to volunteer a bit as they did. I get emails every day now, from people who have had the seed planted. Unfortunately quite a few of them seem to have been put off by my experiences, so I’m no sure if I’m doing more harm than good! But ya gotta do what ya gotta do, right?
    On a different note, I brought home a seed from Cairns (tropical north of Australia) which I fully intend to plant – it’s a mangrove seed pod…
    Can’t wait to see one of those in my back garden!

  2. You helped us plant the seed and now it is growing and it is about to BLOOM! (We moved up our launch off date to Feb. 1)Thanks for what you do and all the resources you have given us to make the decision to make our little dream a reality!

  3. The fact that you both are still employed from home and not retired is the most amazing part of the story to me, and I would love to hear how you accomplished this in a blog post as informative as your last one on wireless. As soon as I figure it out I’m hitting the road!

    • Hi Mike –

      We’re actually not traditionally employed.. we’re self-employed. As our clients and business model aren’t all that relevant to our travels, we don’t talk much about our work life here out of respect for our client’s privacy. But really, not much to tell – I’ve always worked from home, so putting wheels under my home was no big transition business wise.

      There’s more info on our About Us page about our work life:

      And our No Excuses series (www.technomadia.com/excuses) has a chapter about working on the road too that is worthwhile checking out.

      – Cherie

  4. It’s all cool till the security guard at the White House asks you how the weather is in Livingston, Texas, cause he’s originally from the area and thinks he’s come across someone from his home area. :)

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