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Time for some bus conversion geekery!

Bus Conversion Magazine

Bus Conversion Magazine is back in production!

When we first started our bus hunt back in the spring of 2011, we were thrilled to find an entire community and magazine dedicated to bus conversions. We immediately subscribed, and their online forums where absolutely invaluable to us in bringing us up to speed on learning about buses.

We got our first issue of the magazine… and then… they stopped coming.

We apparently entered the hobby just as the magazine’s business side was having a bit of a shake-up. And we all know, in the digital age – running a print magazine is extraordinarily difficult.

BCM now has a new glutton for punishment – a new owner who is passionately dedicated to getting the magazine back on track. We’ve been in touch with the new team for months now, and we’re genuinely thrilled with their approach. So much so, we’ve volunteered to be contributors.

Technomadia’s debut in BCM!

The December 2012 issue (the third issue in a row), which was just sent to the printers, will feature our debut print article for the bus community – a recap of our bus hunt last summer. In the future, we plan to contribute articles about some of our projects – like mobile connectivity, lithium ion batteries, solar and more. We’re thrilled to be able to give back a little bit to the community that has been so helpful to us.

If you’re at all interested in the hobby and lifestyle of bus conversions – we think it’s time to put your trust back into BCM and subscribe.

Tell them Technomadia sent ya, and you’ll get a 10% discount off a new 1 year subscription (unfortunately, only available if you contact them directly, not through their online store).

Bus Conversion Magazine Subscription Form – Mention ‘Technomadia’ and take 10% off a new 1-year subscription.

Both print and online-only subscriptions are available. I believe we even get a small Amazon gift card with each referral, but that’s not at all why we’re pimping them out – we sincerely believe in supporting their efforts of resurrecting this awesome resource.

Arcadia Bus Rally

To wrap up the year, one of the largest bus rallies in the country is happening in Arcadia, Florida.  We’ll be ending our 3 months of blissful stationary living and heading that way right after Christmas. If you’re also going – we look forward to seeing you there!  We’ll be hosting a general talk on ‘Technology and Mobility’ on December 29th at 11a, and we’ll probably try to livestream it too for those not able to attend (stay tuned for details!).

And if you’re in the Florida vicinity and interested in buses – we hope you’ll consider joining us in person too. There’s no better way to learn about buses than to hang out with a bunch of bus nuts.

We won’t be sticking around for the whole event – as we’ll be heading up to Cedar Key, FL to join a convergence of fellow ‘younger’ full time RVers for a New Years Eve celebration. Many of us are sticking around for the month of January, so if you’re in the area, drop us a line and maybe stop in?

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  1. Glad to hear that you will be contributing articles to BCM; you have a lot to offer. I bought ~10 years of BCMs from a friend and then subscribed. I had just renewed for 3 years, and had started preparing an article, when they suspended publication. I too was thrilled to receive the Oct 2012 issue and the news that the mag was once again being published. It fills a unique niche for bus nuts. And they are honoring all of those existing subscriptions. Even with all of the info available via websites/forums, I like getting the magazine, which they are supplying as PDF and print, at least for now. I hope they succeed, but to do so, they need a steady stream of (subscriber provided) articles and photos.

  2. Well now, that’s pretty cool. Your style of writing is quite easy to read, so your contributions to the mag will help greatly I should imagine.

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