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Florida Bound & an ‘Open Bus’ Invitation

After a brutally hot summer in Arizona getting the bus ready, we’re definitely following the good weather this winter.  We are headed to Florida to spend the holidays with family!

It’s not often that we actually have plans more than a day or two out, but Florida is a difficult place to winter in an RV without reservations. So, we’ve gone against our default of trusting in serendipity on a nightly basis, and have actually laid out plans!

Here they are:

  • November 13 – 17 – Altamonte Springs, FL (north Orlando)
  • November 18 – December 19 – Melbourne, FL (yes… a month!! In one spot??)
  • December 20 – 28 – Hudson, FL (north of Tampa)
  • December 28 – 31 – Arcadia, FL for the Arcadia Bus Rally
  • Early 2012 and beyond – Undetermined.

Technomadia’s Open Bus Invites

Hosting a talk on Lithium Ion Batteries at the BCM Rally.

The benefit to having actual plans, is that we can dip our toes into something we’ve been wanting to do for a while – which is organizing casual meet-ups with our readers.

As such, we have scheduled a couple of ‘Open Bus’ events while we’re in Florida.

If you’re in the area, we’re extending an invite to stop on over, meet us, ask questions about technomadism and tour our bus.

You can RSVP on our Facebook event’s pages:

Open Bus – Orlando Area – Thursday, Nov 17 – 3-8pm

Open Bus – Melbourne – Sunday, Nov 27 – 3-5pm

Eventually, when we know in advance we’ll be somewhere, we’d like to organize some casual multi-day gatherings and talk series – sorta like taking our ‘Camp Nomadia’ concept on the road.  But this is a start.

We’ll also be at the Arcadia Rally in late December – and have been invited to present on Lithium Ion Batteries and Mobile Internet Options.  If you’re also attending the rally, we look forward to meeting you there!

As always, we absolutely enjoy meeting up with our readers during our travels – as that’s the primary reason we keep this blog.  So if you’re also in Florida this winter, let us know – and let’s see what we can coordinate.


We are very much looking forward to putting the landing gear down in a few days and having much quality time with friends & family in Florida. And maybe, just maybe, a few less bus projects??

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  1. We were hoping to sail to Florida this winter, but it was not to be. Our boat is on the hard in Rockland, Maine, and we are currently working for UPS until the first of the year. We are hoping to get a few weeks in somewhere down south, but we’ll see. Your bus looks great! Hope to see you guys again soon.

    Jay and Sarah

    • Well hey there guys! So good to hear from you. Sounds like a life of full time sailing hasn’t manifested yet? Hope your trip from the VI back to ME went smoothly? Looking forward to crossing paths!

  2. Wow! you have really change things since we met you guys in Brush, Colorado. We lost track of you guys for a while, enjoy your post. What are you going to do with all the room?

  3. While I doubt you’ll want to do a cross-country run, you (and your readers) are of course welcome at the Rubber Tramps Rendezvous Jan 10-24 in Quartzsite, AZ. http://cheapgreenrvliving.com/Rendezvous.html I’m planning on being there, but am less certain about December. Southern Oregon is having a cold November so far, but I’m cheating and sleeping in a relitives house.

  4. We had hoped to meet up with you guys last time you were in
    FL…so glad you’re making your way back!

    You guys are the first Digital Nomads we started following…what prompted our interest in location independent living/working. Your posts are so informative and inspiring:)

    We live in Gainesville Florida, but won’t be able to make
    the Nov. 17th date you have pre-scheduled. Hoping to make one of your casual day-trip meetups though:)

    Happy and safe travels to you…hope to have the good fortune to meet you when you’re in our state:)

  5. Ahhhh…confound it that you are so far away :)
    We’ll likely be heading to FL but not until next year at which time I’m sure you’ll be heading west LOL. Maybe we’ll meet in the middle somewhere. Enjoy your FL winter…you should get some nice weather out there!

  6. We will be passing right through the Melbourne area on the way to Ft. Lauderdale sometime on the 25’th/26’th – heading to FL for a cruise departure. I know it doesn’t jive with your published dates for visits, but if you’re available (and we don’t end up coming through sometime in the middle of the night) I’d love to do coffee. I’ve been following Chris since his paragliding days, when I was getting my pilots licence.

    Would love to talk about paragliding in more detail. 😉

  7. But just think, you’ll have the Mini to boot around in! We ended up with one as a rental this past summer when we flew into Düsseldorf airport and drove it up to the Netherlands, and it was a great little car. Made by BMW, so that might have something to do with it.
    Have fun!

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