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August Digital Nomad Blog Carnival

When we signed up to host the August Digital Nomad Blog Carnival (a roving round-up of blog posts submitted relevant to digital nomads), we didn’t anticipate the connectivity issues we’d have in the past few weeks.  So, as a result – we didn’t have nearly the ability to pimp out the carnival as we would have liked to get more quality submissions, as we’ve been basically in digital survival mode as we’ve traversed Nebraska, Colorado and Utah.  More on that later, unless you’ve been following our Twitter Stream and know all the juicy details already :).
As a result, we had a good number of spam submissions… but there were a few gems to share with you today!
Afraid I haven’t really had time to read over the entries and personalize my descriptions as we’re grossly behind on so many projects and the deadline is here today!  So I’m using the default listing format so that we can get this up and  hopefully I’ve taken out all the spam.

Lifestyle Design

Audrey Scott presents Living Outside Your Comfort Zone: Pushing the Boundaries posted at Uncornered Market, saying, “Advice on living outside one’s comfort zone and continually pushing the boundaries of what makes you uncomfortable.”
Annabel Candy presents Live Your Dream in a Material World posted at In the Hot Spot, saying, “This is an inspiring story for people who want to do it but are scared of taking the plunge:) “
Sharon Hurley Hall presents Planet Plan It – From The Ground Up posted at Barbados Caribbean Travel, saying, “Building a dream house in Barbados might be many people’s idea of Paradise, but it takes as much patience and perseverance as any other self-build project.”
Silicon Valley Blogger presents Where Are The High Paying Jobs? posted at The Digerati Life, saying, “I talk about the employment landscape and what it means to me, a digital nomad.”

Technology & Gadgets

Barbara Weibel presents Using Your iPhone During International Travel Without Breaking the Bank posted at Hole in the Donut saying, “Secrets for  setting up an iPhone when traveling internationally in order to have access to wifi but be assured that there will be no exorbitant roaming fees charged to your account.”
Sharon Hurley Hall presents Tips and Tools For Location Independent Tech Success | Location Independent Professionals posted at Location Independent Professionals, saying, “Top tips and tools to ensure you don’t have to face a catastrophic technical failure when you’re halfway round the world.”

Travel Tips

MummyT presents Unschooling. Or Learning as You Go. « Travels with a Nine Year Old posted at Travels with a Nine Year Old, saying, “My son and I are travelling longterm. This piece explores the philosophy of unschooling, and explains how beautifully it works when you live on the road.”
Byteful Travel presents How to Shield Yourself from your Host?s Bad (or Good) Habits while Travelling posted at Byteful Travel, saying, “Have you ever realized how profoundly your choice of who you stay with affects you when you travel? Yes, staying with friends is a great way to save money when visiting a new city. In fact, I highly recommend it; but it’s very important to be aware that the daily habits and attitudes of your host will influence you considerably, probably more than you’d care to admit. And in this article I’ll show you how to leverage this to your advantage.”
JoAnna presents Why People Don’t Travel, Part 2: Lack of Money posted at Kaleidoscopic Wandering, saying, “Tips and resources for saving money in order to afford travel.”
Andy Hayes presents Travel Rituals | Sharing Travel Experiences posted at Sharing Travel Experiences, saying, “Sometimes a little bit of home makes a big difference on the road.”
That concludes this edition. If you’d like to host the September carnival, be in touch with Cody McKibben of Thrilling Heroics. You can also submit your blog article to the next edition of digital nomad blog carnival using the carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on the blog carnival index page.
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Cherie has been a full time technomad since 2007, after joining her partner Chris on the road. She's been self employed most of her adult life working in technology - and is passionate about conscious choice, community and living life to the fullest.

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  1. Ha! You seem to be too busy travelling to be messing about with computers too much right now which is the way it should be, so here’s a hello from the CyberGypsy.
    But meanwhile back at the ranch – what was the Digital Nomad Blog Carnival and how do I get on that bus, I happen to have a wee little CyberGypsy blog that I’d like to set free into the wild.

  2. Thanks for including us. Sorry to hear about your connection problems – one of the downsides of the digital nomad life! We are off to Bolivia in a few days and will no doubt have similar problems.

  3. Great articles, all. Thank you for hosting!

    What does one need in order to be included on your list of nomads? *she asks, blinking hopefully*

    Safe travels!

  4. Thanks for including our piece on Living Outside Your Comfort Zone on this list! Found some other great articles to read here that I somehow missed in August.

    From the look of your travel schedule, it’s a busy month for you. Have a great time at Burning Man!

  5. Hi Cherie, thanks so much for including my blog post in this amazing round up. What an amazing bunch of adventurous people you’re higlighting here, it’s an honor to be among them and I’m looking forward to checking out the people I don’t know yet. As for 18 months in Central American jaunt with the three kids I’d do it all over again in a heart beat. Maybe Africa next time as we really want to go back there! Off to tweet, stumble, FB this now:)

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