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Used 2009 Oliver Legacy Elite Travel Trailer – For Sale!

January 2012 Update: The trailer below has sold, however we occasionally hear of one that goes up for sale (only 45 were ever made). We do know of a solar powered one, similar to our Oliver, that might be available. Drop us a line at us@technomadia.com and we’ll put you in touch with the owners.

PS. We’re not in the business of selling Olivers and stand to make absolutely nothing (but good will) off of helping match you up with one – we just *loved* ours so much that we enjoy using our Google ranking to help these awesome trailers find new homes.

As many of our long time readers know, we absolutely LOVE our little 17′ Oliver Legacy Elite Travel Trailer (and no, it’s not ours that is for sale) that we live, work and play out of full time. These are extremely rare trailers that are each hand crafted, made to order at the factory in Hohenwald, Tennessee.  To add to the rarity of these trailers, the Oliver company is currently on hiatus from actively producing these rugged / luxury molded fiberglass travel trailers – with production on hold until at least after the first of the year.


We regularly get asked to give tours of ours (which we love doing.. don’t ever hesitate to ask!) and how to go about getting one.  People fall in love with ours, and we’ve been offered top dollar to sell ours on the spot.  And unfortunately, the only option we could offer is:  ‘Call Oliver, let them know how badly you want one, ask to be put onto the waiting list, and hopefully in January 2010 they can make you one.’

There has never been a used Oliver offered up for sale.

Until now.

Due to unfortunate circumstances – a barely used 2009 Oliver trailer – very similarly configured to ours (infact, I believe this owner ordered the unofficial  ‘Technomadia Edition’ after we worked with the factory to custom spec ours) is up for sale.   It’s fully loaded – 200 watts of factory installed solar panels, entertainment system, 220 AH of AGM battery goodness, 2000w Tripp Lite inverter, cell phone booster system and bunches of extras!   This was one of the last Oliver’s made before they shut down the lines earlier this year. It’s currently located in Phoenix, Arizona. DSCN1016

This trailer has now been sold.

Disclaimer:  We are listing this simply because we know we have good Google-foo for keywords related to fiberglass trailers and Oliver and want to help a fellow Oliver owner out. We have nothing to gain from helping the owner sell this trailer other than fostering adding a new member to the Oliver community.

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  1. Hey Cherie, I know it has been awhile. But I still read up on you 2 and Kiki. Sounds like the bus stuff is really working out for you all. Glad to hear it.
    Was wondering if you still have a line on another used Oliver that maybe for sale. Id so please let me know. We keep trying Oliver, but no luck yet with them reopening the production line. NO hurry on a reply. Hope your dad is doing much better.
    S. Kaeseman

  2. hey Chris and Cherie

    how is the Oliver in the cold? i imagine that a dual-walled fiberglass unit like the Oliver would be better than most in the winter. right now i’m based in Jackson Hole, WY and if i went nomadic, i would still want to spend a good portion of the winter in the mountains to ski and such.

    .-= Eric Hansen´s last blog ..Woah, it’s been awhile =-.

    • It’s doing pretty good in the cold. We’ve now gone through a couple of nights of single digit temps. We have needed to run both the propane furnace and a space heater (we’re plugged in) to keep on top of both keeping the living area tolerably warm enough and the inner hull warm enough to not freeze up the pipes. We’ve been able to keep the temps inside in the 60s without problem while temps outside drop to 7. We have had a couple of freezes of the pipes, but no major damage. We may investigate a heat tape system or inner hull heater to help out in the future.

      We’re camped next to another Oliver here in Kansas, and their results seem to be similar. The only problems have been with the outside shower plumbing.

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