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Technomadia Featured on Makezine.com

Yesterday we left our awesome free lakefront campsite near Junction City, Kansas and spent the day driving through rural Kansas and eastern Colorado.  But before we left, my Living on NST – Nomadic Standard Time post that I wrote over the weekend was scheduled to post, and I got a tweet out about it. It was retweeted only once by our friend and technomadic inspiration, Steve Roberts. But that’s all it took.

Our iPhones on AT&T were not getting much data connection in the rurals, so contact with the outside world was sparse.  But every so often we got e-mails and twitter notifications that indicated something was up.

When we finally had bandwidth again in Colorado Springs, we discovered that a fan of Steve’s, Gareth Branwyn, saw his retweet about us – and voila, we were featured on the front page of http://www.makezine.com.  Wow!  We love Make:, it’s full of awesome.

Here’s the direct link to the blog posting made about us and NST: Nomadic Standard Time

I think I’ll wear my Make t-shirt today I made at eTech earlier this year when we presented on technomadism. I think Makey kinda looks like our little home on wheels, Orion.

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