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A Week in Our Life

Ever wondered what a typical week is like in our full time traveling life?

Nora over at The Professional Hobo wondered, and invited us to submit a diary like journal entry to her website.    She had originally told us we could combine elements of different weeks to construct a typical week (as if there’s such a thing!).. but it turned out we had a perfect week that captured work, travel, friends, family, play and serendipity!  Our entry follows our travel in early July from Indiana to Philadelphia.


A Week-In-The-Life of Cherie & Chris: Technomadia

Cherie has been been a location independent software developer since 1994. When she met Chris in 2006, she was at the exact right time in her life to hit the road and combine wanderlust with career. She strives to live a life of conscious intent while embracing serendipity.



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