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Exit from the Rat Race

Exit from the Rat Race

One of the wonderful things about living a life on your own terms, is getting to connect with others doing the same.  Below is a list of folks we’ve encountered who are currently undertaking the transition to gearing their lives to exit the rat race and embrace a life of full time travel.

We’re inspired by them, and think you will be too.

We Go Far – Jonathan and Dasy are leaving the rat race behind in the DC area and hitting the road full time in an RV. They’re documenting their launch into nomadism as they go, and we greatly look forward to future rendezvouses with them out on the road!

Voyagner – Follow the transition of 25 year old Dan Haneveer from the life of an IT manager to full time world traveler.

Got Passport, Will Travel – This family full of wanderlust is transition their life to travel and live abroad.

Exile Lifestyle –  Colin, a 24- year old entrepreneur who has yet to leave the USA, is transitioning his life to travel the world full time.

My Shrinking Life – Japhy is a 30-something lawyer giving up his upper middle-class life to travel the country in an RV in pursuit of a simple, more authentic life. To accomplish this, he’s taking radical action to pay off his crushing debt, rid himself of his possessions, shed his old self, and step off the train of runaway consumerism.

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  1. Hey Guys, thanks for the mention again. 😉 We’re currently working on packing up the house and prepping the RV. We did a short “feeler” trip to Tennessee to attend a family reunion and found a few more things we need to work on. I’ll update the site again shortly with our “progress”, but we intend to be hitting the road in mid-September. We’ll mostly be east-coasting it through winter, but will be heading west at the start of next year. I’m sure we’ll find an excuse to bump into you. 😉

    BTW… I second the recommendation on Ara’s blog… his photography makes me want to bury my head in shame. :S
    .-= smthng´s last blog ..Quick update =-.

  2. How serendipitous! I discovered your website the other day during a Google search for an article I am writing (Sense of Place). I was (and still am) transfixed. You have both achieved the goal I have been working towards the last two years: a process I call ‘Unloading’ and leaving academia as a scientist for 24 years.
    Except on two wheels. I tip my helmet to you!

    Another nomad (or vagabond) you may find interesting is Ara and his dog, Spirit, on their motorcycle and sidecar.
    .-= Elzi´s last blog ..
    Nomadology =-.

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