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Video Edition: Old Route 66 Gravel Road


Much of our time in Arizona and New Mexico was spent following Historic Route 66, where you could occasionally see both the newer I-40 and slight remnants of the Old Route 66 off to the side. Somewhere outside of Albuquerque we were following signs to stay on Historic Route 66, and quickly found ourselves on gravel road in the what seemed like the middle of nowhere – with wild horses crossing our path.

A check of our GPS confirmed we were still on Old Route 66. At some spots, we could still see the lane striping left over.

There was something very emotional about actually driving on the old road literally decaying beneath our tires.

In case the video above doesn’t come in, a direct link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12wSoZRmhOI


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  1. We know the feeling all to well. We were with my parents (now in their 70s) on Rt 66 gravel near Oatman just outside of Laughlin NV in Feb.

    My dad was reminissing of his trip across with his parents as a kid. It was amazing how densely rooted the memories of Old Route 66 really are in those that travel it.

    Wes and Kathy,

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