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Video Edition: Buckskin Mountain Jeep Trail


When our fellow Jeep & Oliver Travel Trailer owner hosts in Lake Havasu City suggested we might enjoy The Desert Bar  – a remote grill and bar literally in the middle of nowhere outside Parker, AZ – they further suggested that we should take our 4×4 Jeeps the backway down a moderately rated off highway vehicle trail to get there.  They had done the trail a few times, and thought our stock Jeep Liberty CRD should be up to the task.  Always up for an adventure.. we said.. ‘Sure!’.  We didn’t figure it could be any more challenging than primitive dirt roads we’d been on before, and what the heck, we weren’t towing our Olivers afterall.

So off we went.. until we saw the first hill up starting in the Buckskin Mountain State Park inbetween Parker and Lake Havasu. This wasn’t going to be anything like our typical dirt road – it was rocks and boulders and steep inclines and dips and tight corners. It was quite challenging – more challenging than we had imagined. And we even had the road collapse beneath our front tire at one point.  With some creative jacking and building up the road underneath us, we escaped.

Jeep Excursion to the Desert Bar-100 Jeep Excursion to the Desert Bar-42 Jeep Excursion to the Desert Bar-77

It was scary at times… but oh how rewarding!  The views were spectacular and we saw parts of Arizona that few ever will. And at the end, a Bud Light and veggie burger at The Desert Bar was like a gourmet meal.

See how our Jeep (and its driver, Chris) earned its Trail Rating:

Thank goodness there’s a regular ole dirt road to get out.


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