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Talking with Locals: The Desert Bar


Our hosts in Lake Havasu City, AZ – Lisa Hewus and her awesome family, proposed taking us to a unique bar in the middle of the desert after hearing about our interests in Burning Man. It’s called Nellie E Saloon (or just simply ‘The Desert Bar’ to the locals), which is about 5 miles down a maintained dirt road outside of Parker, AZ in the Buckskin Mountains. They then further proposed, since we each had a 4×4 Jeep, that we take the alternate “moderate” Jeep trail in.

The adventure getting there was quite.. umm.. exciting, and we’re proud to say that our stock 2006 Jeep Liberty Diesel earned its ‘Trail Rated’ badge and was able to keep up with the Rubicons out there – but that’s another story for another day.

Let’s just say that once we got to The Desert Bar, a cold beer and a hamburger sure did hit the spot! This was definitely a unique spot to spend the afternoon, and what an oasis in the middle of the Arizona desert! Definitely worth checking out should you ever be in the area on a weekend between Labor Day and Memorial Day.


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  1. hello. im an employee at the desert bar. i am to head cook. ive been there for about 4 years. umm.. where ken the onwners house sits and where the desert bar sits is all privatly owned by ken. not the road though. he is a very nice man except to people who break the law. he doesnt hire anyone under the age of 14 to cook we all have health cards. we look young but trust us. umm we are opne from noon to sunset and have a live ban every weekend from 1 to 5 you are not allowed to bring in any beverages unless its water and cant bring in any food. you also cant leave with any beverage that includes soda except water.but you may leave with your purchased food

  2. I have been to the Desert Bar and love it. My question is… is that BLM land there? Want to go with a friend with horses and need to camp with the horses somewhere in the area.

    • Apparently they built this little structure as a place to host weddings and small services at. It’s not a fully functioning church, it’s all outdoors, and only about 10 people can actually stand in the covered part. It’s all made out of steel tho, and is a fairly new addition to the place.

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